04 Nov Chivalric investiture in Aberdeen

Albert Thomson, Archbishop Lorenzo, Linda Thomson

Albert Thomson, Archbishop Lorenzo, Linda Thomson

A Sicilian archbishop headed to Aberdeen to conduct the first investiture for many years of new postulants for admittance to the Order of the Holy Trinity. His Eminence Lorenzo Casati, Orthodox Archbishop of Palermo, Grand Master of the Order, inducted nine new knights and dames at a colourful ceremony in Trinity Hall, Aberdeen.

The international Order flourishes in several countries from USA to Germany, and Ireland to Italy. The order had become moribund in Scotland until retired police inspector Albert Thomson became involved. Through him, an organisational structure – a “priory” – has been established.

The installation of new members was held during a memorably colourful service led by the archbishop in the great hall of Trinity Hall. Each new member came forward individually, the ladies to receive a blessing and the men to be knighted by Archbishop Lorenzo.

Said Mr Thomson: “The Order is ecumenical and open to all. The newly re-established Priory is already active, and we already have in place a fundraising programme for deserving causes”.


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30 Oct Freens o Reid Harlaw

Albert Thomson, Emmy Award journalist Kianne Sadeq, SAS veteran Colin Maclachlan, Leslie Leslie and David Leslie

Albert Thomson, Kianne Sadeq, Colin Maclachlan, Leslie Leslie and David Leslie

The third annual dinner of  the Freens o Reid Harlaw, the organisation dedicated to remembering and researching the battle of Harlaw in 1411, saw a full house in Trinity Hall, Aberdeen.
SAS veteran Colin MacLachlan spoke on the history of war, with David Leslie as chairman and Freens founder and secretary Albert Thomson giving the introduction.
Singer Yvonne Morton and accompanist Alan Walker provided the entertainment, and the guests were piped in by Gordon Casely.
Next day, the Freens gathered with the congregation of Chapel of Garioch Kirk for the annual service of remembrance led by Rev Brian Dobby, chaplain to the Freens – at which a new Clan Leslie Font was dedicated.

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30 Oct Dover to Cape Wrath

G. NicolWhen I completed the challenge of cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats last year, I felt that it was something I wouldn’t need to do again…….and then I saw that an alternative “end to end” was being established, to cycle from Dover to Cape Wrath…..and so I was hooked and duly booked to tackle this one in August 2014.   Having had some very cold and wet weather last year on the ride in May, I thought that I could depend on better weather in August.  The route was around the same distance at 1050 miles and this time I would be travelling to and through countryside and towns I did not know well.  The route, defined by our planned overnight stops, was Dover, Brentwood, The Hemingfords, Newark, Wortley, Gargrave, Penrith, Thornhill, Brodick, Craignure, Mallaig, Kinlochewe, Ullapool, Durness and finally to Cape Wrath.  That route includes the use of seven ferries and so some of our days we had the additional pressure of requiring us to make ferry departure times.  The final known challenge was that the route required significant hill climbs as we crossed the Pennines, made our way through the Yorkshire Dales and then wound our way north up the west coast of Scotland – some 66,000ft of ascent in all. (more…)
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09 Oct The privilege of being Patron

Rev Iain ThomsonEarly in 2013, I was contacted by Deacon Convener David Parkinson, who asked me to consider becoming Patron to the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.  Although I know of the Seven Incorporated Trades, I had no idea what was involved in being the Patron.   David visited me in my home and gave me a very interesting description both of the Incorporated Trades and the role of Patron, inviting my wife Christine and myself to have a tour round Trinity Hall.   If my mind wasn’t made up before that visit, it certainly was by the time we had been given the opportunity to see the Hall.  “Yes”, I replied, “it would be a privilege to be appointed Patron to the Seven Incorporated Trades”.

I was duly installed as the 28th Patron at a ceremony in Trinity Hall on 26th March 2013, attended by members of the Seven Trades.  The welcome was warm and friendly, and this has remained the case throughout my 18 months as Patron.

So what does the Patron do?

Well, there are official duties such as presiding at the annual Convener Court Election and leading the Convener Court at Official Functions such as the Kirking of the Council at Kirk of St. Nicholas and the Kirking at King’s College Chapel.  There is also the short Remembrance Day Service at Trinity Hall at which I officiate.  Particularly important also is getting to know members of the Seven Trades, visiting some of the widows, visiting members in hospital when requested; that is, a pastoral role offering friendship, encouragement and a listening ear to any who may require some support.  (more…)

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26 Sep Aberdeen Women in Property visit Trinity Hall

Aberdeen Women in Property AssociationThe Aberdeen Section of the Women in Property association had a visit to Trinity Hall on Wednesday 24th September 2014. The event, arranged by Michelle Forth, started with an introduction from Deacon Convener David N. Parkinson.  At a tea in the Minor hall, the Deacon Convener spoke on the history of the Incorporated Trades and the involvement of the Trades in the history of the City of Aberdeen. During the meal facts and details in relation to the artwork and portraits, as well as a short history of the artefacts, was made.

The Deacon Convener then led a tour of the committee rooms in Trinity Hall.

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16 Sep Doors Open Day 2014

The Seven Incorporated Trades again opened the doors of Trinity Hall to the public for Doors Open Day.  This event is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust and forms part of a joint initiative from the Council of Europe.  It is a great way to find out about the hidden heritage on your doorstep and is your opportunity to see behind the scenes of everyday buildings as well as important landmarks. With forty venues throughout Aberdeen being open this year the Incorporated Trades were happy to participate again.

Trinity Hall at the corner of Great Western Road and Holburn Street is the third Trinity Hall to be occupied by the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. The original was created from the former Trinitarian Friary (hence the name) when this was acquired in 1631. The second building and the first purpose-built Trinity Hall dates from 1847 and this building now incorporates one of the entrances to the Trinity Shopping Centre.


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29 Aug 2014 Gorrod Team Bowling Competition

Hammermen accepting the Gorrard TrophyThe Members of the Incorporated Trades gathered at Summerhill Indoor Bowling Club on Wednesday 27th August to play the annual Gorrod Team Bowling Competition.  The Hammermen Incorporation was successfully in winning this year with sadly the Tailors Incorporation coming in at the bottom of the scoring.  Although the teams of four are made up of some serious bowlers, the novices who only play once a year also enjoyed the experience, with large amounts of light banter and comment. The Deacon Convener presented the prizes and in his short speech thanked both Cyril Sainsbury for his organisation and arrangements and also Summerhill staff and caterers for a very tasty meal.


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29 Aug Golf Outing 2014

Individual winner - David KilgourThe Seven Incorporated Trades held their annual Golf Outing at Alford Golf Club on Wednesday 20th August 2014.  Seventeen members and five guests, one of whom was the Patron, played golf and twenty in total enjoyed a two course supper in the Clubhouse.

Despite recent heavy flooding the course was in excellent condition.  The weather was dry and quite pleasant so all, successful or otherwise, enjoyed their game to the full.  The warm and cheery welcome from the staff at Alford Golf Club together with excellent catering and service provided the ideal atmosphere for further relaxed fellowship.

The Littlejohn Trophy was won by David Kilgour (Hammermen). The runner-up, and winner of the Assessors Cup, was Alistair Raitt (Bakers). The Team Cup was won by the Bakers.  (more…)

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22 Aug Alan Law Admitted as Burgess of Trade

Alan Law and Deacon Convener David N ParkinsonOn the 20th August 2014,  Alan David Law completed his entrance as a new member of the Aberdeen Hammermen Incorporation.   Alan was presented to a full Council Meeting by Deacon Convener David N Parkinson as a Free Burgess of the City of Aberdeen of his own craft and undertook to meet the requirements for admission as a Burgess of the City.   This is the final part of the admission process which now grants the appropriate rights and privileges as a full member of the Hammermen Incorporation.   In joining, Alan completed his Essay Piece (more…)

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31 Jul AIYF entertains Members and Guests

On the evening of 28th July 2014, the Incorporated Trades one again hosted a concert for members and guests with entertainers from the Aberdeen International Youth Festival.
The Aberdeen International Youth Festival is now a truly international event, with participants travelling from all four corners of the globe to take part, it is also committed to supporting emerging talent from across Scotland and the rest of the UK.
Over the years the festival has hosted more than 25,000 young people from around the globe, making it one of the biggest and most successful gatherings of youth talent held anywhere in the world.
Aberdeen International Youth Festival continues to offer some of the most intimate classical and chamber music performances in Scotland through its series of ‘Up Close and Musical’. The Festival also delivers an ‘extended’ programme of events, where our artists take their shows out to communities in rural areas and further afield around Scotland. (more…)

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