15 Aug Friendship Trophy 2016

The Friendship Trophy played between the Burgesses of Guild and the burgess of Trade from the Seven Incorporated Trades was at Deeside Golf Club, Bieldside on Tuesday 2nd August 2016.  With the Burgesses of Guild winning by a very narrow score of half a stroke on an averaged score of those participating.

Overall winner on the day was Mark McCue who also won the annual Burgess of Guild trophy.

Nearest the pin at the 14th was won by Alistair Hunter and the longest drive at the 6th by David N Parkinson.

The Lord Dean Colin Taylor thanked both Colin Campbell and Late Deacon Convener David Parkinson for organising the event and also Deeside Golf Club as hosts.


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02 Aug Aberdeen International Youth Festival 2016

Members and guests were entertained on Monday 1st August by entertainers from this year’s Aberdeen International Youth Festival.  The Seven Incorporated Trades have been a donator to the event for some considerable time and hold a concert every year as a charity event.

The first group of entertainers were the  FM Youth Theatre from Malta, who sang four numbers from various shows including an energetic version of ‘Sit down your rocking the boat’ from Guys & Dolls.  The FM Youth Theatre was established in 2012 and currently has 24 talented and energetic performers. They have built up a strong repertoire of work ranging from abstract physical theatre to musical theatre.  Past productions include Cabaret (2012), A Chorus Line (2013), Fiddler on the Roof (2014) and excerpts from ‘Into the Woods’ (2015). (more…)

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21 Jun University of Aberdeen Summer Graduations

Once again the Incorporated Trades were invited to attend University of Aberdeen summer graduations.  This link with the university is exceptional important to us and is a set date in the Trades diary.  The Deacon Convener and other representative of the organisation have been invited to be part of the platform party at all ceremonies and this year the graduations were attended by Late Deacons Convener David Parkinson, Master of Trades Hospital George Esson, Patron Rev Iain Thompson, Ex Deacon Convener Graeme Nicol and Deacons Graeme Duncan, Alan Steele, and Mervyn Donald.

We would take this opportunity and congratulation all graduates and honorary graduates who participated in the ceremonies and those that could not attend for any reason.

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18 May Visit to ‘Craftsmen of St Andrews Past and Present’

Ex Deacon Convener Graeme Nicol accepted an invitation to visit an event at St Andrews town hall on Saturday 7th May entitled – Craftsmen of St Andrews Past and Present. The event was inspired by the early modern craft books, specifically the books of the Fleshers, Baxters and Hammermen – which are held within Special Collections at the University of St Andrews’ library.

Led by Dr Claire Hawes, and funded by a Cultural Engagement Award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the research is linked with the Medieval St Andrews project and run within the university’s Institute of Scottish Historical Research. Dr Hawes commented that: “In an age of mass production it is easy to forget the importance of craftsmanship. These skills have shaped our society for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This project gives a new perspective on the history of the town, and connects it to the exciting range of skilled crafts and trades in the area today.”


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17 May York Cordwainers Dinner – May 2016

York & AberdeenFor a number of years the Deacon Convener of the Seven Incorporated Trades has been invited as a guest to the Election of the Master Cordwainer of York. Along with the Deacon of the Aberdeen Shoemakers Incorporation, Mervyn Donald and his wife Margaret, the Deacon Convener was represented by Late Deacon Convener David N Parkinson and his wife Margaret.

After travelling down on the Friday, an invitation was extended to attend an evening meal at the Grange Hotel with the Masters and Clerks of the London Livery Companies associated with the leather industry, along with the Master Elect, Clerk and Dinner Convener of Cordwainers of York. In all, 39 people sat down to an informal dinner.

After the meal, a surprise was sprung on the Masters and Convenors to each give a piece of advice to the new Master Elect from their personal experience, thinking on your feet did not seem to unduly worry those present.

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21 Dec GRAFTAS Awards 2015

NHS Grampian Chairman Professor Stephen Logan speaking at the Health Board's staff and volunteer recognition event

On Thursday 12th November, Trinity Hall hosted the 2015 NHS Grampian GRAFTAS Awards – Grampian Recognition Awards for Teams and Staff. The awards recognise the effort and dedication of the many staff and volunteers in NHS Grampian who “go the extra mile” in providing health services in the North East.
This is the third time this event has been held at the Hall and guests were very positive about the venue. For many it was their first visit and they were interested to learn more about the Hall and the Seven Trades.

Pictured is NHS Grampian Chairperson Professor Stephen Logan.


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16 Dec Children’s Party 2015

Santa visited the Children's Party at Trinity Hall on Saturday 5th December 2015

Aberdeen magician Garry Seagraves "Magic" white rabbit

The annual Christmas party for Children and Grandchildren of Members of the Incorporated Trades was held on Saturday 5th December 2015 with 41 children attending.  Music, games and activities were organised by the wives and partners of the office bearers joined by our Patron Rev Iain Thomson and his wife Christine.  Magician Garry Seagraves provide a magic show for the children which kept them and the adults watching enthralled especially the tricks involving the famous white rabbit.

After the magic show a snack was provided finished off with jelly and ice cream.  Prior to returning home a visit from Santa followed an energetic rendition of Jingle Bells from the Children.


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09 Nov Weavers Career Enhancement Awards 2015

L-R Rebecca Moir, Ian Dale and Joanna O'Brien

L-R Rebecca Moir, Ian Dale and Joanna O’Brien

Aberdeen Weavers continue commitment to further careers of talented Gray’s students

An Aberdeen trade body has committed to helping further the careers of students at Gray’s School of Art for at least another decade.

The Weavers Incorporation, one of the seven incorporated trades of Aberdeen, announced that it will continue to present its annual Career Enhancement Award to students for at least a decade at this year’s presentation ceremony at Trinity Hall.

The awards have been presented to outstanding students on the Fashion and Textiles degree course at Gray’s since 1987 and reflect the commitment of the Weavers Incorporation towards supporting the development of skills and helping prepare students for a career in textiles.

The 2015 prize was won by Joanna O’Brien, with Rebecca Moir receiving the runners’-up award. (more…)

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05 Nov Toast to the Memory of Dr. William Guild 2015

At each annual Convener Court Election Dinner, there is a toast to the memory of Dr. William Guild, the first Patron of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.  This is no mere tradition, but is heartfelt – an essential part of the Election Dinner; and the Toast is always proposed by the current Patron.  It is my privilege to hold this office and therefore to propose the Toast tonight.

Dr. Guild is held in high esteem to this day because of the legacy and the heritage he bequeathed to the Incorporated Trades.  Not only did he gift the Incorporation its first meeting place and hospital, but also he gave unstintingly of his time and wisdom as its first Patron.

Dr. Guild is remembered also at the University of Aberdeen where he was Principal for some ten years and where a modern building is named after him, as is also Guild Street down near the station and near the site of that first meeting place and hospital.

That Dr. Guild is held in such high regard by the present day members of the Seven Incorporated Trades is shown not only by this annual Toast to his memory, but also and very importantly by the work recently undertaken by the Incorporated Trades to restore the gravestone of Dr. Guild and his wife Catherine to its original condition.


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05 Oct 2015 Doors Open Day

Doors Open Day this year was held on the 12th September and again the Members of the Incorporated Trades welcomed members of the public into Trinity Hall for short tours of the building. As part of the initiative held by the Aberdeen Committee, Doors Open Days is a way to find out about the hidden heritage on your doorstep. This is your opportunity to see behind the scenes of everyday buildings as well as important landmarks.

It is coordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust and is part of European Heritage Days alongside Scottish Archaeology Month, coordinated by Archaeology Scotland, both are supported by Historic Scotland.

For a number of years, the Incorporated Trades have supported this event and the enthusiasm of the membership to pass on some of the history, knowledge and details of one of the oldest groups in Aberdeen has not abated. Although numbers were down this year those who took part found it a rewarding experience.

The display of artefact and exhibits were enhanced with a display from Grampian Weavers, Spinners and Dyers of the Millennium Tapestry and also by the Wrights & Coopers display of prize-winners of the William Daniels award and the Archibald Medal from the North of Scotland College


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