25 Apr Hammermen

HammermensArms-150x150The Hammermen originally comprised craftsmen associated with metalworking – or “men who wield the hammer” in more poetic terms. Members came from a variety of established trades, with everyone from blacksmiths and goldsmiths to clockmakers lending their experience and expertise.

Sword-makers and armourers are also part of the history of the Hammermen, along with the lorimers who crafted the bits worn by horses through the generations. Goldsmiths, tinsmiths and pewterers have also been among the members as well as other surviving trades such as locksmiths.

Today the men of the hammer embrace every aspect of modern engineering across the full spectrum of disciplines. Through the admission of sons of members, a wealth of other trades and professions are also represented within the most senior of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

William S. Harper 1957   William W. Leiper 1986   Bruce Campbell 2006
Cecil A. S. Duncan 1959   William M. Glennie 1990   David G. Cobban 2006
George M. Hepburn 1965   Leslie W. I. Fraser 1993   Graeme Duncan 2009
James Stevenson 1970   Frank Cook 1997   Rennie Rushton 2010
A. Keith Campbell 1972   Gordon F. Main 1997   Edward Day 2013
David A. Henderson 1972   Malcolm A. McDonald 1997   Alan Law 2014
Andrew Bain 1974   Baird S. Shepherd 1997   Kenneth Scott 2016
James Greig 1974   William F. Slater 1997   Grant James Simpson 2018
Ronnie D. Finnie 1977   Philip A. Sleigh 1997      
Kenneth A. Eddie 1978   Brian J. Winton 1997      
Alexander C. Kirk 1980   David S. Thomson 1998      
Victor G. Michie 1981   Anthony J. Donald 2003      
Alexander D. Thomson 1981   Bruce F. Fraser 2003      


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27 Jan Company of Cordwainers of York’s Charter Weekend

Photograph of the attendees of Company of Cordwainers of York's Charter WeekendThe Deacon Convenor and Deacon of The Aberdeen Hammermen Incorporation were delighted to attend the Company of Cordwainers of York’s Charter Weekend. The tour of York Minster was magnificent and Mike the Tour Guide was very knowledgeable. The Annual Livery Dinner in the fantastic Merchant Adventurers Hall, was excellent and pleased to celebrate the election of their new Master, Mrs Anne Reid MBE. (more…)

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19 Sep Gorrod Bowling Competition 2017

The annual bowling competition of the Incorporated Trades was held on the 23rd August 2017, once again at Summerhill Indoor Bowling Club and organised by Graeme Duncan.

The evening commenced with tea and the bowling followed. The competition was an inter Trade round robin tournament which was won by the Hammermen Incorporation, pictured right with the Gorrod Trophy.

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18 May Visit to ‘Craftsmen of St Andrews Past and Present’

Ex Deacon Convener Graeme Nicol accepted an invitation to visit an event at St Andrews town hall on Saturday 7th May entitled – Craftsmen of St Andrews Past and Present. The event was inspired by the early modern craft books, specifically the books of the Fleshers, Baxters and Hammermen – which are held within Special Collections at the University of St Andrews’ library.

Led by Dr Claire Hawes, and funded by a Cultural Engagement Award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the research is linked with the Medieval St Andrews project and run within the university’s Institute of Scottish Historical Research. Dr Hawes commented that: “In an age of mass production it is easy to forget the importance of craftsmanship. These skills have shaped our society for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This project gives a new perspective on the history of the town, and connects it to the exciting range of skilled crafts and trades in the area today.”


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25 Mar Tour of the Aberdeen City Archives

On the evening of the 24th March 2015 a number of the Hammermen and Tailors Incorporation met for a Tour of the Aberdeen City Archives. Welcomed by Mr Hall, of the Archives Department, the members were firstly given a short tour of the Towns House specifically the St Nicholas Room, the newly refurbished, Town and County Hall and the Bon Accord Room.

Matthew, in his talk presented the history of the City and the significance of various parts of the building.

We then were taken to the Charter Room and shown a number of the archives including details of the construction of Union Street, City Seals and original regalia, and records relation to apprenticeships and indentures.

After the visit we had a meal in a nearby restaurant before making our way home. Overall a very interesting and informative evening.

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22 Aug Alan Law Admitted as Burgess of Trade

Alan Law and Deacon Convener David N ParkinsonOn the 20th August 2014,  Alan David Law completed his entrance as a new member of the Aberdeen Hammermen Incorporation.   Alan was presented to a full Council Meeting by Deacon Convener David N Parkinson as a Free Burgess of the City of Aberdeen of his own craft and undertook to meet the requirements for admission as a Burgess of the City.   This is the final part of the admission process which now grants the appropriate rights and privileges as a full member of the Hammermen Incorporation.   In joining, Alan completed his Essay Piece (more…)

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07 Mar Burgess of Trades award for Edward

Edward Day

On Wednesday 5th March 2014, Edward Day of the Hammermen, was admitted as a Burgess of Trades at the Aberdeen City Council Meeting,completing his admission into his Trade Incorporation.
This follows an earlier submission of his Essay piece to his respective Trade of the Hammermen Incorporation..
Edward now has the appropriate rights and privileges and are eligible to vote on business matters as a full members of his Trade.

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23 May Inner Marches Day 2013

Arbroath Abbey

On Saturday 18th May 2013 thirteen members of the Hammermen Incorporation along with the Deacon Convener visited Arbroath as part of the Inner Marches day.

After meeting at Trinity Hall for breakfast, the Deacon, Bruce Campbell, informed those present of the programme for the day. Prior to departure he asked the Deacon Convener to talk about the portrait of King William the Lyon on display in Trinity Hall.
Boarding the minibus, we then set off for Arbroath Abbey. On arrival we were given a guided tour of the Abbey buildings. Founded in 1178 for monks of the Tironensian order by King William the Lion,
King William, who died at Stirling, was buried before the high altar of the church in 1214. (more…)

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