25 Apr Fleshers

FleshersArms-150x150The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen came to pass when the Fleshers were added to the membership in 1657 to entitle them to use the first Trinity Hall following its establishment in the city centre.

The Fleshers, drawing its skilled men from butchery businesses and the slaughterhouses of the burgh, had first been incorporated as a trade in 1534. It became custom for new entrants to provide a lavish banquet as part of their acceptance, making use of their renowned produce.

Today the Fleshers take pride in their role within the social calendar of the organisation, with each of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen sharing responsibility for organising a range of functions to open the doors of Trinity Hall to members and guests alike.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

Alan D. Cain 1972   Gordon L. Chalmers 2002   Richard Leith 2012
Robert A. Bannerman 1982   Graeme A. Ross 2002   Neil Montgomery 2012
James W. Barber 1991   Stuart A. Ross 2002   T. Kenny Milne 2015
Alistair Ross 1993   Donald Bannerman 2004      
Adam F. S. Gray 1995   Andrew J. Paxton 2006      
E. Craig Matheson 1995   Ian A. MacIntosh 2010      
Edward Martin 1996   Malcohm Hetherington 2012