Wrights and Coopers

25 Apr Wrights and Coopers

CoopersArms-150x150The Wrights and Coopers have always represented a broad church of craftsmen, with men using common materials and tools in their line of work, all falling under the shared umbrella when the Seven Incorporated Trades was established.

These included wheelwrights, millwrights, cartwrights, shipwrights and housewrights – the term once used to describe those in the joinery trade. The coopers represented a sizeable proportion of the membership along with members taken from the ranks of woodturners, carvers and cabinetmakers.

The artistry and talents of generations of craftsmen live on in modern guises through today’s members, adapting to meet modern requirements without losing sight of the commitment to quality the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen has always promised to uphold and promote.

Current Role of Members and Date Joined:

Alistair D. Garden 1955 Philip M. Rowson 1987 Kevin W. Bowie  2013
George H. Petrie 1958 Bryan D. Keith 1993 Garry R. Murray  2016
W. Allan Duncan 1960 Scott W. McDonald 1993 George C. McLeod  2016
George S. Stevenson 1970 Graham W. Cruickshank 1997 Michael Rennie  2016
Roderick M. Garvie 1973 Mark A. Constable 1999 William Beattie  2016
Gordon S. Duncan 1975 Graeme A. Thomson 1999
Philip G. Taylor 1980 Leslie W. Milne 2002
Tom S. Ironside 1982 Alan Steele 2007